February 28, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

What Scientists Said About Quran !!!A MUST SEE 4 EVERYONE!!!

What Scientists Said About Quran !!!A MUST SEE 4 EVERYONE!!!

What Scientists Said About Quran !!!A MUST SEE 4 EVERYONE!!!

To learn some of the scientific informations given in the Quran,please watch this video:

And visit this website:




TheRationalizer’s video

You can see these scientists testifying the scientific facts in Quran…

1)Professor Keith Moore (USA)
2)Professor Van Bersoud (canada)
3)Professor Joe Leigh Simpson (USA)
4)Professor Marshal Jhonson
5)Professor Gérald C (USA)
6)Professor Youchedi Kuzane (Japan)
7)Professor Tejatat Tejasen (Thailand)
He embraced islam after reading the Quran
8)Professor William W. Hay (USA)
9)Professor Alfred Kroner (Germany)

…in this video:

You can see a Finnish Science Researcher Converting to Islam at the Conference of the Scientific Miracles in the Quran in Dubai 2007 here:


A Scientist From Czech Republic explains the reason what made him convert to Islam here:


Dr. Jeffrey Lang is an ex-atheist,Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas.
He explains why he converted to Islam here:

A German Scientist & his wife,clinic assistant,explain why they converted 2 Islam here:


The Quran and Science: A Logical Approach:


The Quran Leads The Way To Science:


A video about some Maths from Quran:

What well-known non-Muslims said about Muhammad(PBUH):


What Well-Known People Said About Quran:

Are there any errors or contradictions in Quran?
YOU decide!


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