February 27, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Unbelievable Prediction About Roman-Persian War – Miracle Of The Quran

Unbelievable Prediction About Roman-Persian War - Miracle Of The Quran

It was around 615. The never-ending war between the Romans and the Persians was heating up even more. At the time Persians, or Sasanians, were worshipping the fire and the Sun. And the Romans were Christians.
The Meccans, who were worshipping idols, were supporting them against Christians who believed in the same God with Muhammad (asm). When Sasanians conquered Jerusalem it made the mushriks very happy. They started making fun of the Muslims. "As you see the fire-worshipping Sasanians are winning against Christians who believe in prophets. We will defeat you the same way and the religion you believe in will perish." they were saying to the Muslims. But Allah never left the believers alone. Surah ar Rum was revealed….

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