March 2, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

The Miracle of the number 19 in The Holy Quran! (documentary)

The Miracle of the number 19 in The Holy Quran! (documentary)

Quran says about the 19 : ”Over it are nineteen (19) [angels].
And We have not made the keepers of the Fire except angels. And We have not made their number except as a trial for those who disbelieve – that those who were given the Scripture will be convinced and those who have believed will increase in faith and those who were given the Scripture and the believers will not doubt and that those in whose hearts is disease [i.e., hypocrisy] and the disbelievers will say, "What does Allah intend by this as an example?" Thus does Allah send astray whom He wills and guide whom He wills. And none knows the soldiers of your Lord except Him. And it [i.e., mention of the Fire] is not but a reminder to humanity.” Quran 74:31-32

It [the Qur’an] is simply a reminder to all the worlds. You will certainly know the truth of it after a while. (Qur’an, 38:87-88)

You want to discover the secret of mathematics and find out why God Allah is the best and the creator of mathematic language here check some examples about the number 19 (1–9)
Alpha and Omega cause God is (the first (1) -the last(9)) find in all the chapters of the Quran and in our universe :
-The number 19 which remained a secret in chapter 74 (The Hidden) for 19×74 lunar years until it was unveiled by God in year 1974 to a monotheist scientist (found with use of a computer).

-The Qur’an consists of 114 (19 x 6) Suras.

-The first Sura to be revealed (Sura 96) is the 19th from the end.

-The total of the Sura and verse numbers of the occasions when the word "wahd" appears 19 times is 361: (19 x 19).

-The Sun, Moon and Earth line up in the same relative positions once every 19 years

-Halley’s Comet passes through the Solar System once every 76 years (19 x 4)

-There are 209 (19 x 11) bones in the human body.243 The number of bones in the human hand is 19

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Author: Happy2bmuslim93