March 5, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

The Golden Number & Holy City Of Mecca

The Golden Number & Holy City Of Mecca

Kaabahs and the holy areas placements on the golden ratio point of the world shows us that in Lords mercy the most honorable place on earth is this place.
Among all of the religions,
Islam is the only religion to give the great meanings like holiness and the first house of worship,
the direction of praying and meeting place to Kaaba.

It is a miracle that Meccas / Kaabahs place on earth is designed by the verse in the Holy Quran,
Muslims holy book for over 1400 years and it states that in this holy area the evidences are lurked in that will cause communities searching for the right way.
It proves that it is written by a force that knows the golden ratio,
can see the earth from the space and knows the measurements that are accepted in the future,
knows math very well, God.

Like written in this holy book,
we must truly believe the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad,
the existence of heaven and hell and design our lives to this rules because the truth has showed itself in a certain way.
in holy Quran there are lots of other scientific miracles.
An inevitable end is waiting a fast car which saw the sign of Dead End but still driving.
In that case we must follow the rules and we must act by it. In future we will have no excuse for any accusation because we are going to be told The signs were given to you to find the right way. You ignored them. So who is guilty, you or us?

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