February 28, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Science and the Quran ( WARNING – You are now starting to think) – Part 1 of 2

Science and the Quran ( WARNING - You are now starting to think) - Part 1 of 2

Watch part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUhNDnDhZqY

This is a video where Dr Zakir Naik proves to an atheist the existence of GOD from the Scientific facts which came to light just recently but it was mentioned in the Quran more that 1400 years ago. You can watch the entire talk on YoutTube, thanks to ShahadahProject for posting. Just search for "HQ: Is the Quran God’s Word? Peace Conference 2007 – Dr. Zakir Naik".
You may want to check out these site for further proof and facts


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