March 6, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

MoreThan 69 Miracles of ISLAM, that none can Deny .

MoreThan 69 Miracles of ISLAM, that none can Deny .

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Miracles discovered allover the world and the universe,Sent to you by the creator of everything as an undeniable proofs to know the real life purpose and to be sure of the hereafter destinies truth… Such as: the infant miracle, world golden place miracle,the church miracle, the man creation secrets miracle, the creation and end of universe miracle, the tsunami miracle, the animals submission behavior miracle, the ant miracles, the fishes miracles,the human body miracles, the trees miracles, the mountain miracles, Holy water miracle, Holy place miracle, woman rank in Islam, the prophet miracle, God rewards, ..
and more than 58 other miracles and astonishing proofs that surely, none can deny!
what is waiting for everybody after death and in the hereafter !!! watch to understand and know a grate number of absolutely very importants and saving informations. really it’s the video of salvation!!! o! Honest and brave viewer, judge by yourself! after watching the very important 69 miracles gathered in this video .
please share it ,make it from your favorite and help spreading the truth.

Click on the time to watch the miracle: number
1- 00:00:08 ,2- 00:05:55 ,3- 00:07:28 ,4- 00:13:54 ,5- 00:18:18 ,

6- 00:22:18 ,7- 00:32:46 ,8- 00:51:32 ,9- 00:54:55 ,10- 00:59:28

,11- 1:03:07 ,12- 1:06:56 , 13- 1:10:18 ,14- 1:12:46 ,15- 1:16:34

,16- 1:17:35 ,17- 1:19:58 ,18- 1:22:48 , 19- 1:24:04 ,20- 1:27:01

,21- 1:34:50 ,22- 1:42:40 ,23- 1:45:55 , 24- 1:53:55 , 25- 2:06:35

,26-SUMMARY 2:13:30 ,27- 2:27:48 , …

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