February 25, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith



QUR’AN IS THE GREATEST MIRACLE.MIRACLES OF THE QURAN (114 PART).1)The Formation of the Universe 2)The Expanding Universe 3)The End of the Universe and the Big Crunch 4)Creation from Hot Smoke 5)The Separation of the Heavens and the Earth 6)The Creation of What Lies between the Heavens and the Earth 7)The Perfect Equilibrium in the Universe 8)The Fine Tuning in the Universe 9)The Structural Differences between the Sun, the Moon and the Stars 10)Orbits and the Rotating Universe 11)The Sun’s Trajectory 12)The Moon’s Orbit 13)Calculating the Lunar Year 14)The Force of Gravity and Orbital Movements 15)The Spherical Earth 16)The Earth’s Direction of Rotation 17)The Earth’s Geoid Shape 18)The Diameters of the Earth and Space 19)Atmospheric Layers 20)The Well-Guarded Sky21)The Sky Made a Dome 22)The Sky that Returns 23)The Layers of the Earth 24)The Earth Disgorges Its Charges 25)Mountains’ Role 26)The Moving Mountains 27)Different Points in the Rising and Setting of the Sun 28)Land Loss at the Extremities 29)The Splitting Earth 30)The Miraculous Iron 31)The Formation of Petrol 32)The Relativity of Time 33)Creation in Six Days 34)The Truth of Destiny 35)Duality in Creation 36)Sub-Atomic Particles 37)Black Holes 38)Pulsars: Pulsating Stars39)The Star Sirius 40)Light and Dark 41)Combustion without Fire 42)The Weight of Clouds 43)Rain in Measured Amounts 44)How Rain Forms 45)The Quivering and Swelling of the Earth 46)Rains which Bring a Dead Land Back to Life 47)The Formation of Hail, Thunder and Lightning 48)Winds that Fecundate 49)The Stages of Wind Formation 50)How the Process of Photosynthesis Begins in the Morning 51)The Separate Seas 52)The Dark Depths of the Seas and Internal Waves 53)The Region Responsible for Our Movements 54)Hearts Find Peace in the Remembrance of Allah 55)Forgiveness According to the Morals of Islam and Its Benefits on Health 56)How Prayer Accelerates the Treatment of the Sick Stress and Depression: The Results of Not Abiding by theReligion57)A Human Being’s Creation 58)The Creation of Human Beings from Water59)Creation from Clay 60)The Programming in Genes 61)The Menstrual Period 62)Pregnancy and Birth 63)The Sequence in Development of Human Organs 64)The Formation of Milk 65)The Miraculous Mixture: A Mother’s Milk 66)The Identity Hidden in the Fingerprint 67)The Female Honey Bee 68)The Miracle of Honey 69)The Date and Its Uses as Described in the Qur’an70)The Fig: A Fruit whose Perfection Has Only Recently Been Revealed 71)Fish: A Valuable Source of Nutrition 72)Pork and Its Harmful Effects on Health 73)The Olive: A Health-Giving Plant 74)Coronary By-Pass Surgery 75)Health Benefits of Movement, Washing and Drinking Water 76)The Existence of Microscopic Life 77)The Existence of Animal Societies 78)Biomimetics: Drawing Inspiration from the Design in Living Things 79)…91)The Voyage to the Moon 92)Modern Means of Transport 93)Plane Technology 94)Image Transmission 95)Smell Transference 96)The Use of Electricity 97)Artesian Wells 98)The Army-Ant in Technology 99)Atomic Energy and Fission.The Historical Facts Recorded in the Qur’an :100)"Haman" and Ancient Egypt Monuments 101)Prophet Musa (as) and Sea’s Splitting in Two 102)The Troubles which Afflicted Pharaoh and Those around Him 103)The Word "Pharaoh" in the Qur’an 104)The Prophet Musa (as) Referred to as a Magician 105)Nuh’s Flood 106)The City of Iram 107)The Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah 108)The People of Saba and the Arim Flood 109)The People of Al-Hijr.Allah’s Mathematical Miracles in the Qur’an:110)Word Repetitions in the Qur’an 111)Numerological Calculations (Abjad) in the Qur’an 112)The Miracle of 19 in the Qur’an 113)The Perfection of the Qur’an from the Literary Aspect 114)PARALLEL UNIVERSES AND COSMIC TUNNELS.CONCLUSION: The Qur’an Is Allah’s revelation.

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Author: Kamuran Gülcan