February 27, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Miracle Of Qur’an & Proof Of God’s Existance Part 1. Egyptian Pharoh Preserved

Miracle Of Qur'an & Proof Of God's Existance Part 1. Egyptian Pharoh Preserved

Allah Promises To Preserve The Body Of Pharoh in The Holly Qur’an Over 1400 Years Ago And in 19th Century Scientists/Archaeologists Find His Preserved Body Near The Red Sea, And Todays Scientific Tests Konfirm It Is Pharoh And Died From Drowining.

The Biggest Shok Is that It Was not Mummified And And Still To Be Presenrved Is nothing But A Mirrakle. Oh My Dear non-muslim Brothers how Many Of God’s signs Will You Deny?

Please See The opther Parts For Further Proof. May Allah Guide all Mankind To The Truth and Give All The Stregnth To Follow It. inshaAllah

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Author: AhmadDeedat786