March 7, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Mind Blowing Scientific Miracle in Quran || The Fingerprint || Must Watch!!

Mind Blowing Scientific Miracle in Quran || The Fingerprint || Must Watch!!

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A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. In a wider use of the term, fingerprints are the traces of an impression from the friction ridges of any part of a human or other primate hand.

Unbelievers argue regarding resurrection taking place after bones of dead people have disintegrated in the earth and how each individual would be identified on the Day of Judgement. Almighty Allah answers that He can not only assemble our bones but can also reconstruct perfectly our very fingertips. A man came to the holy prophet, with a dead bones and asked him, “ O Mohammed do you say that Allah (God) will bring me back to life after i become like this dead Bones ?’. Then Allah (God) gave reply with this verse in the holy Qur’an:

"Does man think, his bones We shall not gather (75:3)
"Yes indeed We are able to shape even small muscles of finger (75;4)

This emphasis on finger print has a very special meaning, because every one’s finger print is unique to himself, every person who is alive or who has ever lived in this world, has a set of unique finger prints, that is why the finger prints are accepted as a very important identity exclusive to the owner, and it is used for this purpose around the World.
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