March 2, 2021


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Maurice and the Pharaoh – Complete Documentary

Maurice and the Pharaoh - Complete Documentary

One-hour documentary Maurice and the Pharaoh The Bucaille Report.
Written, produced and directed by Farouq Abdul-Aziz.
A M a n a r a Communications Inc., release (2010).

From the airport, the mummy had been transferred to the Museum of Anthropology for "hospitalization" and examination. On June 29, 1977, Paris Match reported that the truck containing the packing case and its occupant was ordered to pass by one of his two Luxor obelisks at the Place de la Concorde "so that the ancient monarch’s soul could contemplate his glory inscribed on the stone in dithyrambic terms."
For Bucaille that was a crowning moment. A yield of two grueling years, aided by presidents Sadat and DEstaing, to launch Operation Ramses has finally materialized.
The outcome of Bucailles team work on the Egyptian mummies was made public in lectures at the Egyptian Antiquities Department at the Louvre, the Museum of Human Paleontology and at the French Academy of Medicine. In appreciation of his scientific findings the Academie Francaise had awarded Bucailles book Mummies of the Pharaohs; Modern Medical Investigations its 1988 History Prize. The Academie Nationale de Medicine had held Bucaille in high esteem for the bulk of his scientific contributions in 1991. Bucailles final scientific contribution was published in his book; Moses and Pharaoh: Hebrews in Egypt in 1995.
It seemed that a scientific answer to the ancient question has finally come into existence.

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Author: AlfarouqChannel