March 4, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Mathematical Miracle of The Arabic Quran. Code 19 of The Quran(System of Allah – Satan- Jinn) #12/8

Mathematical Miracle of The Arabic Quran. Code 19 of The Quran(System of Allah - Satan- Jinn) #12/8

We do not blame you, your heart and soul have been raped by those illiterate preachers who are after your money that is why the Almighty Creator kicked all of those fake religions out of their places of Idol Worship because, they are illegitimate religions.
Also media has been paralyzing people with TV, drugs, all kinds of sex and music to the point that they are not able to think anymore. Starting few years ago the one who created us from ejected semen and is in control of our heart beat, our life and death, provisions and protections has been sending us 1500 pages of Scientifically Proven Message based on Mathematics, the Exact Science through two American scientists in the Arabic Quran in USA based on number "19", the Hidden Secret of the Quran (74:30), with the help of computer.
"Computer has Spoken" (Q 27:82). The Almighty swears by the Even and the Odd, the "Binary numbers" (Q 89:3). As the Almighty says, “This Miracle given to us is 10 times Greater than the older Miracles” (Q 34:45). Therefore, we have now the "Arabic Quran as the only Scientifically Proven Scripture Based on Mathematics" which, comes with the proven evidence in the court of law.
At this link Dr. Rashad Khalifa tells you how he discovered number "19" the Secret Code of the Arabic Quran:

Then there are Ultimate Mathematics of the Arabic Quran based on prime numbers, composites, twin primes, twin prime companions, Gaussian primes, Chen Primes and so on (65:8). Here is the link:

This mathematical Miracle purified the Arabic Quran from all of those distortions into its original revelations despite 50 different Arabic Qurans being printed all over the world with different chapter numbers, verse numbers and different spellings. The Arabic Quran came down for all the people in the world. Quran proves that everything so called "Muslims" are doing is against ALLAH’s Arabic Quran. That is why they have been bringing so many disasters upon themselves all around the world. So called Jews took out the name of our Creator from the Torah and they are only following traditions. The reason news media are not allowed to talk about this news of the millennium is because of the US government agenda on "Washington Prayer Breakfast" sponsored by "The Family" an extremist Christian religious Cult, which started 80 years ago and all the US presidents were the member of "The Family". That was how they came up with a fake name Jesus which you would never find this name in any scripture and they even call him as a creator. Just Google it. That is why the Bible belt area in US is being punished by more than a 1000 tornadoes every single year, plus floods, fires and hurricanes, yet no one cares. Humans have came up with 4200 fake, false and man-made religions.
That is why they are constantly being punished with different disasters and this latest one COVID-19 because, they are all illegitimate religions and also as punishment for those unappreciative people all over the world. Yet, the Only Religion of ALLAH is: "Submit To The Covenant Of ALLAH With "Bani Esra Eil", or "Descendents Who Would Be Transported By ALLAH" from the time of Adam to the end of this world. Follow "The Religion Of Ibrahim" (2:130 – 4:125 – 16:123). The Almighty Creator assigned to us sets of dietary instructions In order for us to be happy, peaceful and fully protected with a life without any accident in this world and in the Here After as His blessings. Now if we don’t comply with His laws we will be punished by different disasters as the consequence of our short comings which, we have been witnessing them throughout the history of mankind. "Anything Bad that happens to you is because you did not follow the Rules of the Almighty Creator and you did not appreciate His blessings upon yourself" and "Anything Good that happens to you is from the Almighty Creator." He is the Best Protector and the Best Avenger" (Q 4:79). The Almighty guarantees perfect peace, happiness, protection a life without any accident only for those who "Worship ALLAH Alone". He is the Best Protector and the Best Avenger. No one has power but the Almighty Creator.

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