February 28, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Dr. Yoshihide Kozai’s comments about the Holy Koran

Dr. Yoshihide Kozai’s comments about the Holy Koran

Dr. Yoshihide Kozai's comments about the Holy Koran

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Dr. Yoshihide Kozai is Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan, and was the Director of the National Astronomical Observatory, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. He said:

"I am very much impressed by finding true astronomical facts in [the] Quran, and for us the modern astronomers have been studying very small pieces of the universe. We’ve concentrated our efforts for understanding of [a] very small part. Because by using telescopes, we can see only very few parts [of] the sky without thinking [about the] whole universe. So, by reading [the] Quran and by answering to the questions, I think I can find my future way for investigation of the universe."

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Author: Nosherwan Huma