February 27, 2021


Miracles of the Quran and Hadith

Dr.Maurice and the Pharaoh – Qur’an & Science

Dr.Maurice and the Pharaoh - Qur'an & Science

Dr.Maurice the French professor was searching for a holy book that in harmony with the modern science .
After he made a discovery of which pharaoh is the one which were drowned while chasing Moses and his followers he realized that there is only one holy book that mention that the body of that particular pharaoh was retrieved after he was drowned !!
and his body was preserved by the will of God till today as a sign for the people …
this is a complete documentary of the story of Dr.Maurice with his research .

Side note : Dr. Maurice converted to Islam & he kept researching the "Qur’an" for more than 10 years in the eyes of modern science & he studied Arabic language too , and he came to the conclusion that the "Qur’an" & modern science are in total harmony .

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